Located on Ladysmith's beautiful heritage First Avenue on Vancouver Island.

Located on Ladysmith's beautiful heritage First Avenue on Vancouver Island.

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Who We Are

Geoff and Kate Cram started Wild Poppy Bistro after running the Old Town Bakery, also on 1st Avenue in Ladysmith, for 10 years. After experiencing some health challenges with their two young sons, the local Ladysmith couple decided to create an establishment that would be a safe and positive eating experience for anyone with dietary challenges.

They take great pride in providing gluten- and peanut-free dining, with further dietary options including vegan entrées and baking.

Wild Poppy puts great emphasis on sourcing free-run poultry, grass fed beef and pork, wild-caught fish, and subject to availability, their produce is locally-sourced. They also make their own lacto-fermented vegetables, and vinegars in-house.

After the bistro was open for 18 months, Kate began to see the diversity of why her customers were choosing different dietary options and lifestyles. She then decided to attend The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to study holistic nutrition. This gave her a much better insight to her customer’s needs and helped her develop the menu and recipes.

Wild Poppy has been highly inspired by their loyal and positive customers and great employees. They serve a very diverse group of people from all over Vancouver Island.

In addition to the local customer base, many tourists also seek them out while on their travels, especially those with special dietary needs.

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Wild Poppy Bistro
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